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Marian R. Stuart, Ph.D.
Nearly 33 years after the publication of the first edition, The Fifteen Minute Hour: Efficient and Effective Patient Centered Consultation Skills, Sixth Edition continues to support primary care practitioners in solving and often preventing many psychological and behavioral problems while enhancing the therapeutic relationship with their patients. The simple and effective techniques are easily learned and designed to increase patient satisfaction without adding significantly to the length of a visit. The book has become necessary reading around the world. The Sixth Edition of The Fifteen Minute Hour is now available. Previous editions are available in Japanese and Korean translations.

Features of the new completely revised 6th Edition:

  • The introductory section of the book is completely rewritten for accessibility and immediately introduces the practical BATHE technique.
  • Includes brand new case material based on real-world consultations
  • Adds techniques for managing chronic conditions including pain
  • A renewed focus on wellness and health promotion and a strong focus on patient-centered care

"This is a highly valuable addition to and ancillary reading for a primary care practitioner's library. It is worthwhile reading to remind us why we became physicians." —Vincent F. Carr, DO, MSA, FACC, FACP, in Doody’s Book Reviews

"For those of us who want to improve our communication and relational skills, there are few books better than this one. I’ve read it multiple times, and return to it frequently. The fifth edition provides updated chapters and excellent references on mind-body relationships, cognitive behavioural therapies, and the particular challenges of difficult patients." — Dr Gianakos, Director of medical Student Education, Centra Health, The Pharos

"This is a compact book with an amazing amount of material. It is user friendly aimed toward family practice, easy to read and simple to put into practice immediately. EVERY primary care provider should read this book to streamline care, develop strategies for difficult cases and impact patients on a personal level with professional standards and complete care!! I highly recommend this book!" — Amazon Review

I would greatly appreciate it if those who read the Sixth Edition would be kind enough to leave an Amazon review. Also, please e-mail me with questions and comments.

Publishers Description:
The Fifteen Minute Hour remains an established support for primary care practitioners aiming to increase patient satisfaction without adding significantly to the length of a visit. This sixth edition emphasizes a patient-centered approach to help practitioners enhance the therapeutic relationship. With a renewed focus on wellness and health promotion, the book offers simple and effective techniques to solve or prevent psychological and behavioral problems manifested in the consultation. The Fifteen Minute Hour has become essential reading around the world, and this sixth edition is completely updated with new references substantiating the efficacy of the authors’ methods.

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